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Moving Trains

The past few months have been quite interesting. There were many lows and yet many highs. In so many ways, they do balance one another. This week has been a quiet week.  There has been plenty of noise, yet there is so much silence. Even as I write this blog, I can hear the train.

Those who read my blogs know that God often speaks as I write, and most often, my titles come somewhere along the journey. I have never been embarrassed by creative or free-thinking writing styles, nor have I ever focused on who is reading the blog. I write because He speaks. I believe because He lives. I sing because he shows up, and I dance because He remembers me.



The sound of moving trains is an indicator that something is en route. I don’t take it lightly that the urge to write at this moment also came during the train's movement.  You may be wondering what is so important about this train.

This train is moving in the dark.  There is a light that leads the train to continue moving forward. Trains carry precious cargo that, if delayed, can also become destroyed.

In this next season, you are the moving train, and God is the light. There will be barriers to keep you from falling and others from driving into your path. The question is, will you keep focus? Will you trust that God is moving even when it feels slow?


I pray that in 2024, you allow the Spirit of the Living God to fuel your fire, direct your path, and keep you encouraged when life attacks come your way.


When you run out of fuel- Focus on the Light

When you hear honks (the enemy)- Focus on the Light

When people try to drive over the tracks (distract you)- Focus on the Light

When it gets too dark- Focus on the Light

When it feels too heavy- Focus on the Light

When you get weary or feel alone- Focus on the Light

God has chosen your train to deliver his cargo for the people/purpose that you have been called to.


Focus on the Light.


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