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Look For The Yellow

 The phrase look for the yellow pressed upon my heart for a few days in a row. I realized that it had an important meaning but I didn’t know exactly what that was. I decided to actually dive in and focus on what my mind was telling to explain.  I considered my own life and the things that I was currently facing. Then the light bulb went off.  I begin to understand why I was looking for the yellow.

I believe there is often a misconception about our walk as Christians. People often feel that we don’t experience pain, strife or struggle. They may even feel that we can “pray it all away”. Now, I understand the importance of Prayer and even Faith, but I also know that our walk as believers is not easy. We experience attacks just as the unbeliever. The difference is that our prayer life and our Faith helps us keep pressing on.

The phrase or term “Look for the Yellow” means to look for the person who is hurting. Look for the person who has mastered a smile but still carries sadness in their eyes. Look for the believer who is battling depression or anxiety or even self-doubt. A person who is operating in the yellow isn’t living their fullest life. They are not walking in joy and peace. They are living in a space of constant turmoil. They are silently screaming and begging to be heard. They feel alone in a crowded space or are constantly giving advice when they need it too.

I have personally experienced a season of yellow. I felt constant sadness and isolation.  I didn’t believe that God cared about me or that he was mad/disappointed in me. I felt that my prayers were being ignored all while God was blessing others. I felt that everything around me was completely crumbling.  I had convinced myself that my pain was on purpose and not FOR Purpose.

As believers, we have the ability to show compassion and discernment.  I truly believe that when someone crosses my mind multiple times that God is telling me to reach out to them. Your call, message or text could be their saving grace. It’s not enough to tell someone, ” I will pray for you”. Pray in that moment with them or over them.  Their life may depend on it.

Everyone will most likely experience a season of yellow. The growth is in the way you handle it. In my case, I  needed to Trust God more and to be content with the season I was in. I needed a reminder that God sent HIS very best for me so HE most certainly loves me. I needed a reminder that God isn’t mad at me and that He won’t ever leave me.

Looking for the yellow is not about fixing it but about Faithing It. Just like the stoplight, Yellow must turn to red or green. You have the ability to help ensure that the light becomes green.

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

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