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The True Gift


The Holiday Season has been highlight for the last few months. People were excited about Thanksgiving (I am always excited about food and family.) In most families traditions, everyone gets together to eat loads of food and watch a few football games.

The month of December is a fun month. People sing Christmas songs and are filled with holiday cheer. The illusion of Santa Claus and his crew are seen everywhere. Parents begin saving money to buy their children massive gifts in early October.  Christmas decoration go up and cookies are set out for Old Nick. The Christmas season becomes the highlight of the year.

It is important for us to remember that Christmas is not about gifts or yummy desserts. It is a reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a reminder that the child who carried no sin, died so that you and I could have life.

It is important to fellowship with friends and family, but dont allow it to consume you. Do not  try to spend money that you dont have to spend trying to impress other. This year do something different.  Do something that would be pleasing in God’s eyes.

1.) Cook as a family and package plates for the homeless or elderly in your area.

2.) Visit a few nursing homes and sing a few songs or just be available to sit with our elderly.

3.) Adopt a child and help a family with their Christmas expenses.

4.) Write a few Christmas cards and give them to strangers.

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