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Scary. Exciting. Thrilling. Incredible. Faith Filled.

I was nervous to inform my manager that I was submitting my two week notice. You see, my Boss was/is the ideal boss. He cares about our success but doesn’t stand over us watching our every move. He was aware that I was no longer happy with my job. I hadn’t been happy in the last 6 months. I stayed because it was familiar and because the money I made was good money. Yup, I stayed for the money. ( That should never be the primary reason to stay on a job.)

As a Believer of Christ, I know that we are called for special assignments. In my case, as a young girl I always wanted to do the following: become a Fashion Designer (but I later realized that I don’t like to sew. I prefer to Style or buy for stores), become an actress on Broadway (however, I don’t dance-so maybe not Broadway ) and lastly, I wanted to become an Amazing Event Coordinator. BINGO.

Some of you may know that I have a Women’s based ministry called Worthy From the Womb. Our goal is to uplift, encourage and reconnect broken women back to God. I help women find their worth in Christ. It often amazes me how God puts everything in perfect alignment. I am an Event Coordinator. I am a Speaker. I am a Daughter who is seeking to be obedient to her Father. My platform allows me to put on events and workshops that will help women. God is good.

I did not write this blog JUST to share my two week notice. I wrote this to help you understand that God knows what is best for your life. He is working everything out. Your journey is intentional. Your Purpose will make room for your Passion. You may not understand how it will all work out. Honestly, I didn’t understand either. However, I knew that God heard me. I knew that I mattered and that he REMEMBERS me. I knew that in spite of the current season I was in, that it wouldn’t last forever. We must be patient. Yes, it is hard. It is rough, overwhelming and often sometime brutal- BUT GOD.

You see, I am transitioning from a sales position to working full-time as an Event Sales Manager/ Event Coordinator. The sales position that I grew tiresome of was necessary for the new position! It taught me how to close the deal. It taught me how to listen for the “needs analysis” and how to find the solution. Everything God does is in Alignment for YOUR PUROSE and for HIS WILL. God’s timing is perfect. I reached out to my new boss in 2013 through social media seeking an INTERNSHIP but she never received my message. ( I know now that it was not my time. God had to prepare me.) Now in 2017, I am her FULL TIME employee. Everything God does is in Alignment for YOUR PURPOSE and for HIS Will.

Your time is approaching. I give you permission to get angry, to cry, to fight your pillows and to throw your clothes on the floor. All of that is fine and well- but do not give up.  Remind yourself daily of who you belong to and KEEP YOUR FAITH STRONG.

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