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What Did You Just Say

What Did You Just Say

Did that title just grab your attention. Did you inwardly ask yourself, “Is she talking to me? It’s ok if you did (or if you are doing it now.) It can be pure comedy how God works sometimes. He has quickly checked me in several different situations. You know, those situations where you prepared what you were going to say before that person even opened his/her mouth, that situation where you had a comeback for the comeback. Oh yeah, God has checked me quickly on that. Of course, its usually when I had the ULTIMATE, the GREATEST, the OH NO SHE DIDN’T response ready.

God checks me with a patient and soft whisper, Daughter, what good is it to speak such harsh words? Do you think I am glorified through your hardened heart? Would you still love me, if I spoke to you as you prepare to speak to others in that manner?  I stop, shake my head aggressively and scream loudly OF COURSE NOT! Then I think to myself, God did you really have to check my heart right now. However, he is right. (duh)

We the body of the Christ have the choice to speak life into others or to destroy our witness by being harsh and mean.  One of my favorite scriptures (and most convicting) is James 1:19 Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. This verse is so important because we represent Christ in all things. Sure, that be a lot of pressure but its true. We must remember that Love Concurs all. When a person is “trying your patience” or getting on your last nerves, still choose to be gentle. Still choose to speak in love. Your gentle tone may not change the situation, it may not make the other be soft/kind to you, but it will be pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.

1 Samuel 16:7- Man looks at the outward appearance. But the Lord looks at the Heart.

What does the Lord see when he looks at your heart? Is he pleased? Are you losing your witness because of your mouth or are you taking a deep breath and thinking things through?

Note: Remember that you are never alone. Before you face a tense situation, pray and ask God to give you the words to speak. Ask him to give you his heart. When you carry his  (God’s) heart can never go wrong. You may not have the result you desired, but God will count your heart as a win.

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