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To start the new year, I decided to read Priscilla Shirer’s latest piece. It is a 90-day devotional called Awaken- 90 Days with the God Who speaks. (  Today’s devotion discussed the story of the Widow who came to Elisha for help.

We learn that the widow had recently lost her husband who was a faithful follower of the Lord and who followed the ministry of Elisha. She came to Elisha for help because she had debt that she was unable to pay. As a result, her debt collectors were threating to take her sons as slaves to pay off the debt owed.  She was rightfully concerned and worried. She went to Elisha asking what could be done and how he could assist her.

Elisha asked the woman ” What do you have in your house? Let’s take a moment to see the beauty in this question.  In other words, what do you have in your possession already? Too often we begin to panic and become overwhelmed by the current circumstances in our lives. We forget that as believers and followers of Christ, we are ALREADY equipped with the tools to win.  If we would take a moment to search within us, we will find that the Holy Spirit guides us through all things.

The widow responded to his question and said “nothing at all, except a flask of olive oil. Elisha told her to go and collect as many pots as she could. Then he instructed her to CLOSE THE DOOR AND POUR! I love this particular part of the scripture.  Everyone does not need access to your next move. We must learn how to move according to God’s will without telling everyone what we are doing. When she closed the door and begin to pour, she began to experience the Grace of God. She began to experience His favor. She began to experience his plan. This is a reminder that we need to close the door to outside influences and find the tools that God has already instilled in us.

Once all the pots had become filled with oil, Elisha instructed her to sell them to pay off her debts and to store the remaining for her household.

This story is a testament that we will endure hard situations in our lives. We will experience deaths whether it is an actual person, job or relationship. However, when we make the decision to close the door and pour, we open our hearts and lives to become filled with God’s love. God promised us that he will be our providers. He promised us that he would be with us. He promised us that when his mercies are new every morning.

When you allow God to lead, he never stops pouring.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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